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Established in 1994,The Travel People is a company that renders comprehensive services related to air travel within India and abroad. Our strategically located offices equipped with professional infrastructure and dedicated staff enables us to cater to any need regarding travel and tourism.
We hold the ticket stock of the entire domestic and international airlines including Air India and Indian Airlines. Our executives are thoroughly trained and have expertise to work out economical fares and convenient flight connections to suit your requirements, thereby saving on overall expenditure.
Being Equipped with the Amedeus Reservation System we are able to provide you instant confirmation of your travel plans including worldwide reservations for hotels car rentals etc. Our other services to you would include railway reservations (for foreign nationals only) and assistance in passport and Visa. We can also cater to your foreign exchange requirements.

I. Awards from Srilankan Airlines
1. Top Agent Gold Award DEL, 2003-2004.
2. Top Agent Gold Award DEL, 2002-2003.
3. Top Agent Gold Award DEL, 2000-2001.
4. Top Agent Gold Award DEL, 1999-2000.
5. Top Agent Silver Award DEL, 1998-1999.
6. Top Agent Silver Award DEL, 1997-1998.
7. Top Agent Gold Award DEL, 1996-1997.
8. Top Agent Gold Award DEL, 1995-1996.

II. Awards from Air India
1. Outstanding contribution to Passenger Sales MAA, 1998-1999.
2. Outstanding contribution to Passenger Sales MAA, 1997-1998.

III. Awards from Malaysian Airlines
1. Golden Performance Award DEL, 1997-1998.
2. Golden performance Award DEL, 1996-1997.
3. Golden Performance Award DEL, 1995-1996.
4. Golden Performance Award DEL, 1994-1995.

IV. Awards from Gulf Air
1. Bronze Prize Award, 2005
2. Sales Achievement & Continued Support Award, 2004
3. Sales Achievement & Continued Support Award, 2003
4. Passenger Agents Recognition Award, 2000-2001.
5. Passenger Agents Recognition MAA, 1999-2000
6. Golden Falcon Travel Agent MAA, 1998-1999.
7. Golden Falcon Travel Agent MAA, 1996-1997

V. Awards from Kuwait Airways
1. Certificate of Excellence Award, 2004-2005
2. Top Passenger Agent Award, 2003-2004.
3. Certificate of Merit MAA, 1995-1996.

VI. Award from Lufthansa Airlines
1. Award of Excellence, 2000-2001.
2. Award of Excellence MAA, 1999-2000.
3. Award of Excellence, 1995-1996

VII. Award from British Airways
1. Prestige Plus Award MAA, 1997-1998.

VIII. Awards from Jet Airways
1. Outstanding Performance Award, 2000-2001
2. Outstanding performance MAA, 1999-2000.

IX. Awards from ANA
1. Certificate of Achievement, 1997-1998.
2. Certificate of Achievement, 1995-1996.

X. Awards from United Airlines
1. Top Agent Award, 1995-1996.

XI. Awards from Virgin Atlantic Airways
1. Top Achievement Award, 2001-2002.

XII. Awards from Emirates.
Top Agent Award, 2001-2002.

XIII. Award from China Airlines
1. Top Agent Sales Award, 2002-2003.

XIV. Award from Kenya Airways
1. Top Revenue Producer Award, 2004-2005
2. Top Agent Award, 2003-2004.

XV. Award from Star Alliance
1. Outstanding Performer, 2005.

XVI. Award from Amadeus
1. Sword of Honour Award, 2005

XVII. Aeroflot Russian Airlines
1. Certificate of Excellence from Aeroflot Russian Airlines for “Best Sales Network of the year 2008"

XVIII. Award from Amadeus
1. Outstanding productivity for the year 2007-08

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