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China PackagesChinese people do not have a strong religious inclination but despite this the three main faiths have had a considerable following. The fact that Confucianism is a philosophy rather than religion meant that it became the orthodox doctrine for Chinese intellectuals in the days of the feudalist society.Come and see why China is drawing millions of visitors from all over the world. And, why each and everyone of them returns home smiling . They are most welcomed by the tourists as they can well satisfy their needs in regard to transportation, sightseeing, accommodation, catering, shopping and entertainment. Here we would like to introduce these special tours to the overseas tour operators and tourists for their reference.
Beijing | Shanghai | Shenzhen | Gulin | Xi'an | Guangzhou |

European Rythmns
European Packages Europe's rich and varied culture, history and geography means that every country offers a different experience. From the flat lands of the Netherlands to the mighty Alpine peaks, from the crashing Atlantic breakers to the warm waters of the Mediterranean, from the sandy beaches of Brittany to the great forests of Germany, there's something for everybody. We offer holidays in all corners of Europe, from the spectacular fjords of Scandinavia to the southernmost tip of Spain. Add to this the cultural treasures of Renaissance Italy, German Baroque art, or the ancient artefacts of the Celtic west, and you could spend a lifetime of driving holidays in Europe and still not see the half of it.
European Rythmns

Sri Lanka - The Paradise Island
Srilanka Packages Known to travelers from ancient times, Sri Lanka continues to entice visitors with its breath-taking scenery, palm skirted beaches, undulating tea country and historic cities and shrines. Visit the game sanctuaries where elephants, leopards, crocodiles and gorgeous birds live an unhurried existence. Sri Lanka's virile economy grows fast beside of friendly people, a rich and noble culture and a lovely varied landscape. Visit Sri Lanka, which lies before you like a sumptuous feast to be savored and remembered…… always. Walk barefoot for golden miles and feel the gentle sand caress your toes. Step lightly over the reef and contemplate the ceaseless tossing of the seas. No one will dare disturb your thoughts except the crashing waves and the wind swishing amidst the palm groves. There is never a dull moment. If its fun and frolic you seek ….. if its excitement and animation you delight in ….. if it's scintillating stimulating activity that brings out the best in you….. pack your bags. Lets go..go…go !
Colombo | Down-South/Negombo | Kandy/Negombo |

Australia - The Adventurous Spirit
Australia Packages Australia is a fascinating Island Continent - from the barrier reef to the tropical wilderness of the rain forest, from the stark beauty of the Red Centre to the fascinating Southern Highlights, Adrenalin pumping activities all the way with kicks unlimited by day wet and wild watersports by night riding the waves of the latest club scene for fun, round the clock action, facilities, freedom and faraway adventure to explore and discover for yourself. Enjoy fabulous views of the Opera House. Visit Movieworld or see dolphins and sharks at Seaworld and the re-developed Southbank Parklands. Visit Port Douglas and treat yourself to an unforgettable reef cruise, go scuba diving and by night, make the most of local nightlife.
Sydney | Melbourne | Cairns | Gold Coast

Dubai - Explore the Desert
Dubai Packages Lying on the blue waters of the southern Gulf and backed by the majestic desert, Dubai offers visitors year round sunshine and five star luxury plus the adventure of a unique Arabian experience. One of the seven emirates which make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a place of fascinating contrasts, a distinctive blend of modern city and timeless desert, East and West old and new. Known in the region as the city of merchants, Dubai has, for generations, welcomed seafarers and traders to its shores. Today, this tradition of courtesy and hospitality lives on. The streets are clean and safe, and travelers are sure to be charmed by the city's warmth and friendliness. Dubai, the place symbolise the rare phenomena of converting the blistering deserts into the ultra modern cities. The triumph of man over nature. In the recent past the places especially Dubai has been attracting visitors from all over the world.
Dubai |

Thailand - The land of smiles
Thailand Packages It is a land which fulfills every need of a visitor. From sunny beaches and cool highlands to bustling cities and scenic countryside, Thailand bids you Swasdee. Take an early morning walk in the capital Bangkok and you will see Thailand at its beautiful best. Or witness it at night when neon lights illuminate the city, sample fiery Thai food at busy restaurants, or watch any of the numerous exciting shows. For sun and sea lovers, the tropical island of Phuket beckons.Surf, sail, swim or just sun bathe to your satisfaction this paradise. Rivaling the island of Phuket is Pattaya with stretches of sandy beaches lapped by the warm blue waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Or discover the shoppers paradise of Hat Yai where authenticThai goods can be bought at bargain prices. Besides Bangkok the other noteworthy places are Pattaya and Phuket. Presently due to the economic recession the prices are next to nothing and the clients can be easily persuaded to have a short trips covering Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. Ideal place for corporate conventions and conferences and incentive tours.
Bangkok | Phuket | Pattaya |

Malaysia - Your escape to wonderland
Malaysia Packages Malaysia is one of the most pleasant, hassle-free country to visit in South-East Asia. Several decades of sustained economic growth and political stability have made it one of the most buoyant and wealthy countries in the region, and although political power (Malay) and economic clout (Chinese) are still traditionally divided along racial lines, Malaysia has moved towards a pluralist culture based on a vibrant and interesting fusion of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous cultures and customs.
Penang | Langkawi | Kuala Lumpur | Kuala Lumpur / Genting |

Hong Kong - The Vibrant Island
Hongkong Packages It might sound contradictory at first, but Hong Kong is at the heart of Asia's newest - and at the same time, its oldest - destination, the exciting and diverse pearl river Delta. Hong Kong offers a lot to the tourist and is well worth a visit. It offers the tourist more sights and attractions per sq. kms than anywhere else in the world. Chinese temples and old walled villages, to the rural scene with its farms, mountains, rivers and country parks, to the beauty of the 235 outlying islands, to the many different areas of bustling, dynamic metropolis. In terms of value, variety and services Honkong offers some of the best shopping in the world in a conveniently compact area. Hong Kong is even more dazzling at night!
Hong Kong |

Singapore - Garden city of the east
Singapore Packages A tiny tropical island of just under 640 sq.kms has the world's busiest port with an airport consistently voted the world's best. Despite rapid growth and soaring sky-scrapers. Singapore has retained and restored its most charming areas, and remains one of the cleanest, greenest and safest cities anywhere in the world. With its progressiveness, sophistication and unique multicultural Asian character Singapore is a reflection of the modern dynamism that marks the entire region. Of the many places of interest the visit to the Sentosa Island and the Night Safari are an experience of a lifetime. A vibrant multi cultural, sophisticated city state where tradition and modernity, East and West, meet in comfortable companionship, intermingle harmoniously and with imagination ! In many ways, Singapore's distinctive appeal as a tourism destination is her ability to provide visitors with unforgettable insights into her old world charms combined with exciting new world visions.
Singapore |

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