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Shenzhen neighbors Daya Bay in the east, the mouth of the Zhujiang (Pearl) River in the west, and Hong Kong in the south. It is located on the middle-south cast of Guangdong Province and is one of the earliest special economic zones in China. It is also a newly rising tourist city with the most up-to-date tourist facilities and simple arrival procedures for visitors from abroad. Shenzhen is one of the most flourishing cities in China during the past 20 years. There is a widespread saying: "You think you're brave until you go to Manchuria, you think you're well read until you reach Beijing and you think you'er rich until you set foot in Shenzhen".


Splendid China is an attraction at the Overseas Chinese Town, Shenzhen that has scaled down replicas of China's historical buildings, wonderful scenes and folk customs.Splendid China is divided into two parts, a Scenic Spot Area and a Comprehensive Service Area.Splendid China has many more miniatures of places of historical interest to offer you, such as the Ancient Observatory of Beijing, the Mogao Caves of Dunhuang, Tibet's Potala Palace and so on.


Just near Splendid China and China Folk Culture Villages, the park is contains examples of famous attractions from all over the world. With an area of 480,000 square meters, the park contains different sections covering Asia, the Pacific, Europe, Africa, and America, as well as three others with exhibitions of modern technology, classic sculptures, and famous avenues from all over the world.


The Honey Lake Holiday Village lies in the west of Shenzhen. The Village is a collection of accommodation buildings and gardens and a huge entertainment park. The accommodation here is scattered about the quiet and pleasant grounds, sheltered by trees and flowers.


The seafood from Nan'ao Bay is exceptionally fresh and tasty and this is a great area to sample some more unusual sea creatures! The sea here is teeming with rare sea animals including abalone and sea urchin.The atmosphere is lively and vibrant as the fish arrives in huge nets from ships and is thrown onto the docks and most of the residents here survive on the income they make from the sea.


China is a big and united family made up 56 ethnic groups. Geographically speaking, they are distributed in different parts of China with the resulting difficulty of experiencing each ethnic group's architecture, joining their festivals and tasting their snacks during one of your visit.In the village, you will see distinctive architectures of ethnic groups and join their brilliant festivals. Buying some handicrafts or tasting local snacks is another way to experience the China Folk Culture Village.

  2 Nights / 3 Days

Package Includes:
1. 02 night's accommodation on twin share basis.
2. Sightseeing as per Options or Own your Own.
3. 2 buffet breakfasts.
4. Roundtrip transfer airport/ hotel

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